Week 2 – Prac A

During this practical the class assembled into smaller groups that allowed us to brainstorm and focus on the 3 challenges for our projects.

Challenge 1: Wearables

In our groups we listed down a number of annoying social behaviours.

  • Loud chewers and typers
  • Pokemon Go players
  • People who interrupt others
  • People who don’t contribute to conversation
  • Loud noises in library

Group Input

  • Lack of social awareness
  • People who don’t throw out their food after eating
  • People who don’t leave enough space on the path

Wearable’s that might interrupt/ make aware of/ stop the social situation

  • People who don’t contribute -> a wearable that detects the vibration of your throat and forces the person to speak
  • Personal Space – The user can wear something on their shirt that alerts the other people that they have entered into their personal space. Example. Green = Good, Red = Bad
  • International Speaking – The dialogue of the international speaker is written on their shirt

Challenge 2: Making everyday activities better

List of mundane activities

  • Washing
  • Doing the dishes
  • Public transport
  • Cooking
  • Attending lectures
  • Bills
  • Waiting in line
  • Ironing
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Traffic

Group Input

  • General hygiene
  • Sorting washing
  • Travelling/ Commuting
  • Feeding the cat
  • Checking bank account

Ways to make everyday activities more interesting/ engaging:

  • Entertainers on public transport to perform down aisles
  • Game shows on public transport
  • Sparkle spray for making the house look clean
  • Disposable washing utensils for everyday use…
  • Bed shoots you out in the morning
  • Bacon/ pancake (food of choice) incense that is released at the chosen time instead of loud alarm sound
  • An app that shows the amount of people in a store to avoid waiting in long lines

Challenge 3: Game Mashup

List of features from each game:

Noughts and Crosses – 2 player game, quick to learn -> simple, pen and paper

Battleships – 2 player game, one board but with barrier enforcing divide and the unknown

Tetris – Single player, Aesthetically pleasing, Unlimited play, high score ranking

Common features: Problem solving, simplicity, patterns, foreseeable outcome and rewarding.

Combination of Tetris and Battleships:

  • Using a shared screen
  • Faster blocks for higher levels where both players must complete a line together

 +   battleship board game



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